Trip to The Smokies … Day 2-3 … On top of the world !!!

Yessssss … finally after @ 10 hrs. of crazy drive we are finally at our motel at Gatlinburg. And it was night already so we had to skip the idea to go to Clingmans Dome. Instead we moved around the city. It was not night at Times Square for sure but undoubtedly it was very “live”. It looks like recession hasn’t been here yet Smile with tongue out. Lots of places to be … and to see. But to be honest I felt little too crowed. Overall I enjoyed it.

Gatlinburg at Night (1)Gatlinburg at Night (2)

I had to go to bed because I was really tired of traveling and also next day we need to getup early to climb the highest peak of the Smoky … Clingmans Dome

And today, I woke up the last … it was such a cold pleasant morning I felt to sleep little longer then usual. But according to its gonna be sunny today. An ideal day for climbing, I guess … but first I need a coffee Mug (quite opposite to many Indian, I love to have coffee than tea). When I was finished it was already 10, so we left in a hurry. My brother doesn’t trust my driving so he decided to drive himself to the peak so I was lucky to get chance to be free. Last night it was dark so I didn’t got chance to look at the scenic views around the Rt 441. It was really a great view, actually I liked the way parking places provided on the road, So ppl can park there and just feel the mother nature.

Clingmans Dome (1) Clingmans Dome (3) Clingmans Dome (4)
Clingmans Dome (2) 1,2,3 : Fur forest view around the dome.
4. : My Niece (2)
6. : My Nephew (4)
5. : Clingmans Dome (@ 6643 ft.)

Clingmans Dome
Clingmans Dome (5)

The dome is accessed via half mile paved trail. While climbing that I really felt that I need to do regular workout to be in shape. It took me about 24 mins. to exactly (I guess it was the lamest walk) … I was so tired just by that walk. But when I climbed up the observation deck, the look made me forget everything. It was so beautiful and amazing … I don’t have even words to explain it. To feel it you just have to be there. You can see the miles of deep forest covered with Spurs fur. The mountain itself is divided between two states, North Carolina and Tennessee.

When we came down it was late evening, so we went back to another town “Pigeon Forge”. It is closer to Gatlinburg but I think it is more kids friendly Winking smile … lots of rides and amusement parks which are open even at late night … my niece and nephew had quite fun over there. And we came back just few mins. ago and I am watching "two and half men” with coffee while writing this.

Tomorrow we will be going other side of Smokey, visiting native indian town “Cherokee” and near by place (shhh … I remember seeing casino on our way Thumbs up)

That’s it for today.

It’s Just a thought a trip … Thumbs up

Gaurang Sign

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