Trip to The Smokies … Day 7,8,9 … End of days

Well, it was really a good time at Axesh’s (that is name of friend we were visiting at Iron Station, NC) home. He is family known to us since our days back to India. It was fun remembering old days and we played cards till very late. Being resident of CT, I was quite amazed of wide open houses which were as a matter of fact quite cheap !! And if you want to buy something you have to go all the way @ 6-7 miles till you find first store !! His house was quite closer to nuclear power plant, and when we asked them, they were unaware of any evacuation plans !! I mean, I won’t feel safe to live such a closer to nuclear plant and even if I live I will have at least some planning (well, its another matter of discussion that weather I will be able to escape the effected zone in time fingerscrossed)

And next day as usual I woke up late in the morning (my mom says person who stays in bed even after sun rises is act of devil smile_confused). We were actually not in hurry to leave because, our next destination was in fact quite close by (Raleigh, NC). When we reached at Raleigh, it was almost late evening.

Next day we went to few places, most of ‘em were pretty boring for me. I liked to botanical garden of Duke University though. I spent my two days by playing with our hosts WII, PS3 and fixing their two broken desktops (that was actually fun smile_wink) …

Sarah Duke Garden, Duke Uni., NC

After two days, we left for our place but it was @ 12 hrs drive so we decided to stop once again at Schuylkill Haven, PA (yes, you are right it was the first place we visited at beginning of our trip). So, we reached at home by almost near 1am.


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And that was officially end of our great journey to the Great Smokey Mountains. And I have made my mind already that, I will visit it again soon in near future. But before that, I can’t wait to try some experiments on my machine I have been thinking during my trip.

Also, there is 24 hours of PASS sessions are coming this week by 15-16. And I am hoping to attend most if not all of them.

Its just a thought a trip …fingerscrossed

Gaurang Sign

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