Database 101 … Why we need it anyway ?

Before going in to much detail, first lets see what is database… by book it is defined as,

Database is collection of useful information

For any enterprise, data is perhaps the most precious asset. It can be any sort of data … say customer information, sales data etc. But random data is only useful when it is properly formulated … and it is called Information. That information can further be manipulated , sliced and diced for further analysis … that is called Business Intelligence (its way too different then Corporate Espionage :-D), but I will write more about it later…

First just basics … Why the hell we need database to store information ?? My word file can store same information easily … right ?? … well answer is … it depends. Here let me explain it,

If your organization is very small (and i mean really small) then you can store all information in any file system (say word documents or pdf files). But what if your organization is pretty big and have thousands of employees and hundreds of customers ?? You certainly can’t keep all records in just a text files. I mean you can actually keep it if you want, but situation gets worse when you want to search any specific record. Say, you want to look for all purchases made by customer start with first name “James” from city “New York” in year of “2008” and month “March” ?? This simply can be done by looking all text files :-D. But it can be done very easily and without any hardwork using any good DBMS.

How To Wordpress

Setting Up LIVE WRITER for Blogging…

There are many blog writing tools available presently. Some of them are integrated with browsers (say, Scribefire for Firefox or Blog uploading tool in Flock browser) and some are standalone app. like Windows Live Writer (WLW for short), hell even there are some paid blog writing tools are available too ( i wonder who will pay for this sort of tools as we already have free good alternatives ), Rocket Post and Mars Edit are few to name !!!

I am new recruit of this blogosphere, but I know sometimes it makes our life easy if we have blog writing tool at our disposal. We can write, edit or can do anything we want even we are not connected to internet (which is a bit difficult for me , i can’t live without internet.). So, I have been using Windows Live Writer from the day one I created my blog.

So, in today’s how to I will show how to setup Windows  Live Writer to work with Self hosted WordPress Blog.

How To Wordpress

How to Add Plugins to WordPress Blog

WordPress itself has load of cool plugin collection. Users like us can also upload our plugin for others to use. Plugin really makes sometimes our life easy ( by adding more interactivity and attractiveness ?? i’ve doubt about last one :-p ).

But here is the way, how i do to add plugin to this self hosted blog.


Google’s new business

DNS (Domain Name System) is just like address of any specific computer , system or other resource connected on internet. When we type name of a website in our browser (for example “”), it actually translates that web address to DNS address and browser looks up that resource connected to internet. Which is usually come sort of IP. But we humans can remember names better then stranger series of numbers, IETF has adopted this naming convention. But in root, every name is given a specific IP and that is DNS.googleintogoogle

When we connect to our internet , we use DNS of our ISP. So, when we type “” , it has been resolved and found by DNS of our ISP (believe me, its not that easy to explain for me :d ). But sometimes we feel that our ISP is not that good at all for resolving addresses and speed. So, we can use 3rd party DNS, which may provide us better performance (to be honest, if you are happy with your ISP changing DNS is just waste of time). opendns_logo

How To

How to Selfhost the WordPress Blog !!!


There have be loads of how tos available on this this topic. So, here I am gonna write about specifically how did i had setup my blog.

I found one free webhosting site (000webhost) , which also happens to provide free domain name too ( its good if you don’t have your own domain name ). So, here are the steps.

  • Download wordpress from .
  • Get one domain from the website that I have mentioned before.
  • Now,  log into your account of your domain. In the control panel you will have loads of stuff to play but things we are looking are under Software/Services and Files Sections. ( I have circled them here )



First Words …

Hey friends !!

I am Gaurang. People who know me personally may be surprised by seeing me here b’coz I am of quite introvert nature. But I was in love of computers and internet from ages (by year wise it was ’98) , and everybody is blogging I gave “Just a thought” to blog and also, I wanted to learn how to self host the blog 😀 . So, here I am.

Anyways this is my story …. A guy confused from the beginning of this world , what to do and what not to. Came all the way from India to USA to pursue MS Electrical Eng. with hope of bright future !!!  So now I’m trying to be in rhythm of life.

Hmm… I am music lover. Sometimes even when i study , i keep my internet radio ON. I like mostly Hip-Hop, RnB, Rock and Hard Rock sometimes. Though I like Mariah Carey lots ( heyyy no questions). I am not linux expert bt i like to “play” with it too ( playing reminds me my past long history of  formats coz of it ). I use Windows Server 2008 , Windows 7 and Vista too. Internet is my life , I find my self suffocating sometimes if i don’t have router near me …. I like to play Games on my lappy too (bt i am not intense gamer) …

And ya .. one more thing … I am not a writer , so please bare my improper organization of words.