Enable Save tabs option in Firefox 4

This is really really weird issue for firefox user. If you have been using firefox, one feature that you might be missing badly in new firefox is “save tabs” option while closing firefox if you have opened multiple tabs. Sometimes you’ve added some add-in which requires you to restart firefox but you also don’t want to reopen existing tabs at that time this feature comes really handy. But for some strange reasons Mozilla guys thought that this feature is not so important so they have disabled this feature by default !!! And it is really difficult for person like me who is using Windows which every now and then installs new update and asks for restart of whole machine.


It is simple to enable that feature back again in Firefox 4. All you have to do is to type “about:config” in browser and it will open browser setting page (after you accept to “be careful” condition). Then just search for “browser.showQuitWarning” and you will see that option is false by default, just double click on it and it will set to True. Restart firefox and this should do the trick.


May be it’s just me but it is really weird to have this option disabled by default is really really strange decision by Mozilla guys.

It’s Just A Thought … Fingers crossed

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