Peer Block … sucessor of age old Peer Guardian

If you know what is Peer Guardian, then you are know what I am writing about. Peer Guardian have been used by great number of users in past many years. I think it was the best tool available out there that gives you ability to prevent specific IP or range of IPs from connecting to your machine !! The concept on which this app works is pretty simple, it just prevents any IP that is listed in your blacklist which you can create for your own or you can get it from sites like I-BlockLIst. This tool is specially useful when you are downloading from torrent. For example, many Linux flavors can be downloaded using torrent (for example UBUNTU).

Sharing via torrent is a little risky business. Because common principle on which torrent sharing is based means each downloader share portion of download (called Chunks) from their machine and tracker keeps track of which machine has which chunks. So basically all machines in swarm can actually see each other’s IP. In world where everything is connected with internet, IP is your address. And once someone have it, this can be used for number bad things.

In this situations, tools like Peer Guardian are super great help. But as we already know this tool has been discontinued from development. Which was OK till I was using XP and Vista .. but for 7 it was the limit and I was not able to use it with my new 7 machine. So from desperate search I found this new gal … Peer Block. Which has a code based on Peer Guardian.

So if you are looking replacement Peer Block is your guy.

That’s it for now…

It’s Just A Thought … Fingers crossed

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