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If you have used the newest member of Internet Explorer  family, aka IE 9 (not anymore after release of IE 10 preview Smile). With this newer IE, Microsoft has finally created a browser which can comply with W3C standards. Having web developing as my hobby and profession I had faced really weird issues with IE in past just because it was not following W3C standards for web !! Along with compatibility to web standards MSFT’s new IE is also brought really unique feature called “Tracking Protection”.

Tracking using cookie is a very common method used by any / all advertising agency to track user behavior (like search patterns, website usage, shopping preferences and God  Google knows what else). And it have been in debate from past some time that as a consumer we should have some sort of control over these tracking of information. Some people like me just can’t think of some strange 3rd grade company is creating my some sort of cyber profile which will be sold to some other company without even my consent !! And added insult to injury that information will be used to market product to me based on my that cyber profile !! Some suggest to use some sort of national Do Not Track List just like currently used Do Not Call Registry. In fact we already have this list but number of companies that follow this list is limited to only 100 and there is no control over other companies. Also, if you have ever tried to add your self in Do Not Track List, then you know that you simply cant add your self just once. You have to repeat this process for all 100 of them and I guess that defeats the purpose.

With IE 9’s tracking protection, you can actually have some protection against these sort of trackings. And you can have your customized list with other ready made list available on IE 9 site. The good thing is FTC is already impress with IE 9’s TPL implementation and it is hoping that others will follow this trend as well.

There was a really great post about this new feature on ZDNET.

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