Watermarked textbox in Silverlight

If you have worked with ASP.NET then you probably already familiar with Watermark control, which is available as a part of Ajax Control toolkit on Codeplex. I think it is one of the greatest tool to have as a control because, it lets you set a text in textbox as a watermark. It gives a little edge to your web application. I think same can be told for Silverlight application.

But few days back when I was practicing my Silverlight skills with ScottGu’s tutorial, at one point he was creating watermarked textbox and from his explanation it looked like Silverlight has built in watermark feature !! But I was surprised to see that there is nothing like that ?? Even though that tutorial was originally written for Silverlight 2 and I am using Silverlight 4 this options is still not implemented. Actually at MSDN you can find a page for this option, but funny thing is this feature is supported in only Silverlight 4 and they are advising to not to use it in Silverlight 4 !!! I was like WTF, you can use but you can’t use ?

If still you want to get watermark effect for your textbox, it is not end of the world for you. There is separately available for free created by Time Heuer (coincidently he’s also working for MSFT !!). He has made a DLL so all you need to do is to just add an assembly reference to it and you’re all set Thumbs up

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